AfriKin Art Fair 2021 Schedule
Sponsored open bar with curated cocktails

Schedule: Thursday, December 2nd

Gallery opens at 10 am

Moonchild Jazz Performance – 8:00 pm

Gallery closes at 11:00 pm


Friday, December 3rd

Gallery opens at 10 am

Film Screen the role of the artist in society by James Baldwin – 7:00 pm

The construction of our social possibilities Panel discussion by renowned scholars – 8:00 pm
Dr. Keshia Abraham
Dr. Carole Boyce-Davies
A’Keitha Carey M.F.A
Babacar Mbow Curator AfriKin 2021

The LectureHow The Fire Next Time, helps us navigate our current political, environmental and economic conditions? How has it prepared us for such a time as this? Has it prepared us?

Gallery closes at 11:00 pm


Saturday, December 4th

Gallery opens at 10 am

Keynote by Professor Dr. Maguèye Kassé from Senegal – 7:00 pm

In Their Own Voice: The Artist in his/her society – 7:30 pm

Contemporary challenges — political, cultural, economic and ethical reposition the artist for a move beyond given discourses to present productions dedicated to fostering anew, kinds of loci of affiliation. Moving away from the romantic illusion of pure distance and total autonomy of art from society, this conversation with the artists re-inscribes the imbrication of artistic practice in social temporality.


Aisha Tandiwe Well – New York, USA

Bodo Korsig – Germany

Carlos Salas – Bogota, Colombia

Christina Nicola – Miami, Florida

Peter Wayne Lewis – Kingston Jamaica/USA

Philippe Dodard – Haiti

Fashion Show – The Wax: Contemporary African Fashion by Aida Diop NDiaye – 9:00 pm

Gallery closes at 11:00 pm


Sunday, December 5th

Gallery opens at 10 am

Rose Water Dance by Olujimi Dance choreographed by Michelle Grant Murray – 7:00 pm

Art Fair closes at 11:00 pm